Milani Cycles

About Milani Racing Bikes

Natale Milani started making made to measure racing bicycles in 1927. The bicycles are now being hand crafted by Natale’s son, Celeste Milani in Gallarate, just outside of the city of Milan. And it is for that reason you will not see too many Milani Cycles on the road. They are unique. They are Italian. And it is this fact that allows Milani Cycles to monitor production and thereby guarantee elegance, quality and uniqueness.

All Milani frames are tested and certificated by the University of Udine, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, not only to give prospective customers a certificate of quality, but also to ensure that quality is associated with a brand which is Made in Italy.

Today, as in the past, Milani frames are characterised by the highest quality and technical standards, detail, design and performance.

And these are the reasons why Maserati, the world renowned car marque, chose to partner with Milani Cycles in the production of the unique Tourismo and Veloce models. It is also the reason why Milani Cycles and The Bike Studio will form a successful partnership in Ireland.

Here is a short video about the Milani family history and their bikes. We hope you enjoy it.

We have a number of models of bicycle from Milani Cycles which you can peruse below. To help you out, we have prepared a comparison of the configuration of each bike. Click on the link below to view the document.

The Bike Studio The Bike Studio

Our Bikes

Here at the Bike Studio we aim to stock the finest range of bicycles, not the largest. Our aim is to provide premium quality bikes from manufactures that have not previously been available for widespread retail in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Our Launch brand Milani Cycles of Milan, Italy, embodies the qualities we aim to provide our customers’; quality, uniqueness and performance.

We stock a range of Milani bicycles for a range of purposes including, road bikes, track bikes, triathlon bikes and replica and vintage bikes and offer.

The price range for Milani bikes ranges between €1,000 and €8,000, depending of course on the type of bike, and the configuration of the group sets which are required.